Marina Bloomer Stellar Tech Girls


Aerospace Engineer + STEM Educator

B.S. Mechanical Engineering | M.S. Aerospace Engineering | MBA

Proud Badger living in Madison, Wisconsin! During her career as an aerospace engineer launching rockets and working with astronauts, Marina has been dedicated towards creating and running Girls in STEM programs to inspire the next generation of engineers. She is determined to increase diversity in engineering and knows that exposure to engaging and inclusive STEM programs at a young age is critical.

Stellar Tech Girls brings her years of STEM programming experience and network of inspiring female engineering role models to girls in Wisconsin.


She knows that today's girls are going to bring more diversity into engineering and change the future of the industry. She cannot wait to see what they invent, how they improve the world, and the planets they explore!

Our founder Marina Bloomer was featured on the STEMblazers Podcast (S3E2)! 

Listen to learn about her career in aerospace engineering, her role as VP of Program Management at a rocket engine company, and how mentorship comes in many forms.

"Remember that the people who become aerospace engineers and astronauts did not constantly win. They did not always succeed at everything they tried, but they continued trying, and that's really how you get to that point to do something that seems so challenging and seems so impossible to achieve. You just keep trying. You pick yourself back up, and you keep working hard."

"There is so much more to engineering than just the analytical side. If you are very well rounded and have all of those different attributes, you can be a really powerful engineer and make a big difference."

"There are moments when I look around the room and I am the only woman... often. And it's not ok. So something needs to change."


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